Sunday, May 8, 2011

Bibliographic Graphs

I just made a Mathematica program to generate the citation graph for scientific academic publications given a specific keyword (and some upper limit on the number of publications to treat). Some examples for three areas of my own interest are shown below
  • Key word: "Bures measure"
  • The same job done for  "Haar measure" 
It seems that the research done for the "Haar measure" is made of several unconnected niches. However, I expect that they will find some connection as I let the program run for more time.

  • One final example for "Quantum control"

Bibliographic research is now easier because I can put the mouse on the top of each node and see what paper is that. Something nice would be to output the whole bibtex file.

Acknowledgements: This program was made possible thanks to the help of my friend Josh Greig.

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  1. Could you say something abpout how you get the bibliographpic data base? I would be interested i trying to implement something like this in R! would be nice.